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Line-type heat detectors are predominantly used in locations where, due to the aggressive and critical atmospheric conditions (e.g. high air humidity, extreme temperatures, outdoor areas, aggressive gases, dust pollution etc.), conventional fire detectors cannot be used, or where, due to the exceptionally large monitoring length or areas, a very large number of heat detectors would be required.

Product Description

Fire detection must be possible in all ambient conditions – not just in fine weather and room temperature. Whether in gas or oil industry, in chemical production plants or parking garages, loading ramps or road tunnels: Where other systems fail the ADW 535 will take over!
Areas of use:

Road, railway or underground railway tunnels
Chemical plants
Bakeries, furnaces, and the food production industry
Stores for combustible gases and liquids

The benefits of ADW 535 at a glance:

Resistant to extreme external influences
A monitored area can be doubled in size thanks to a second sensor tube
FprEN 54-22-approved (VdS approval G214076)
Elimination of deceptive alarms by DHW algorithm (Dynamic Heat Watch)
Minimum maintenance thanks to the fully-automated system check
The highest degree of security for human beings, systems, and equipment
Line type heat detector d-LIST and LIST Sensor Cable

Line-type Heat Detector d-LIST Sensor Cable
The sensor cable contains highly sensitive and individually addressable temperature measurement points. The sensor spacing in the cable is also freely selectable. The high resolution of the sensors from 0.1°C allows extremely precise evaluations.

Thanks to the EMC shielding, flame-retardant outer sheathing, and an integrated strain relief, the cables are immune to interference factors and are extremely durable. The d-LIST system with SEC 15 sensor cable is primarily used in industrial facilities and for monitoring smaller areas. With its smaller diameter, the system fits easily into cable routes or conveyor belts and also provides precise alarm alerts for food manufacturers, the chemical industry and power plants.

The LIST system with SEC 20 sensor cable ensures maximum safety in tunnels and large areas. It is used to monitor sections of up to 3,200 meters.

The benefits of sensor cable at a glance:

Exact detection of the alarm

Quickest possible alarm transmission thanks to highly sensitive sensors

Individual alarm threshold can be configured for each detection area


Simple installation, optimised maintenance costs

d-LIST: VdS approval according to EN 54-5

LIST: VdS approval according to EN 54-22, Class A1N, A2N

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