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Infrared detectors for monitoring large distances

Product Description

Linear smoke detector SPC

 Consists of a transmitter and receiver unit working in the infrared range. The detector is particularly reliable where there is a constantly changing ambient temperature or air humidity, is easy to set up and excels in particular due to its low power consumption. The intensity of the infrared rays is corrected automatically, and the sensitivity can be set to one of three levels.

Linear smoke detector ILIA


For fire detection in areas with more complicated ambient conditions (industry, halls, churches etc.) The system is available in two versions: a transceiver version or a transmitter/reflector version. It is connected to the fire alarm control panel using a control unit, where all settings, as well as testing and maintenance work is carried out. For use in areas with a particularly high concentration of dust, both systems are also available as ILIA DUST versions.

Linear Smoke Detector ECO


Consists of a combined transmitter and receiver unit and a prism reflector. The infrared beam that is emitted by the transmitter is reflected by the reflector mounted opposite the detector and evaluated. The detector is particularly suited for use in historical buildings, museums, hotels etc. on account of the low amount of wiring required.

Areas of use for linear smoke detectors:

  • large industrial and public buildings
  • Trade fair halls and warehouses
  • Garages and hangars
  • Naves of churches


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